Repreive for Domestic Assault Victims

Domestic AssaultWhile human beings have succeeded in eliminating a number of acts that demean our existence, there are those vices that are still rampant in the modern day and age. One of these includes domestic assault that mostly affects women but it is also common in men. Many people suffer in silence and as they may blame the assault on their actions or the lack of something like beauty and money. However, no one should suffer the effects of any form of assault in silence. There are different reprieves available for such people. These vary depending on the age of the victim, the extent of injuries and the criminal record of the offender.

The first thing you should obtain as a victim of domestic assault is a restraining order against the person who assaults you. This will ensure that he stays away from you or he will face jail most cases, he or she will obey since they do not want to go to jail. The next step is to sue them for assault. Most people fear this step as they think it forces them to air the dirty laundry in public. However, it is necessary as it ensures you resolve the issue once and for all. If your offender did not have a criminal record to this, he or she may be sentenced to community service for a given period of time. In addition, the judge may compel him or her to attend anger and stress management classes to help them in dealing with situations in a better manner in future.

The judge may also fine the defendant and this amount is dependent on the extent of injuries, the length of time during which the assault went on, the age of the victim and other factors. In addition to this the or she may be asked to take care of the medical expenses of the victim and in case these injuries prevent the victim from attending work or to their business, the defendant may be forced to compensate them for the loss of the opportunity. In case the case involves a couple that had children, the defendant may be kept away from the children until he proves that he or she has reformed. If he or she had custody of the kids, he or she will be forced to give up the children to their other parent. Other sentences include serving jail time and deportation for immigrants or visitors.