Public Law Deals with Governmental Entities

Seattle public law provides protection for individuals when an entity of government comes into play. The following article provides explanation as to the focus of this particular brand of law.

Public law is relative to the relationship that exists between persons and agencies of the government. Public law is comprised of taxation law; criminal law, and administrative law.

Public law provides assurance that unequal relationships do not come about between the general public and government agencies. The government is the authoritative body, making decisions, about the individual’s rights, within the populace.

Citizens may ask for a judicial review if they are not content with the decision that comes from the agency associated with the government.

The barrister who engages in Public Law specializes in numerous areas of the law. Each area is varied. In example, the lawyer working in the area of constitutionally-based law may work in cooperation with the local governmental bodies or that of other such entities.

The criminal lawyer handles all aspects of a case including the investigation phase; requesting information from local law enforcement agencies, and in way of working with other individuals, when the case needs to be appealed. The criminal type case requires a great deal, in the way of paperwork.

Public law is not the same as private law. Public law incorporates the relationship between the individual and the governmental state entity. Private law focuses upon the relationship between individuals.

Public law is a field wherein an entity acts on a unilateral basis; and the action falls under the category of public law.

There are areas of the law that do not fit appropriately under public law or private law. Employment law is one example. The employment agreement falls under the classification of public law and private law. On the other hand, health and safety, within the work environment remains a matter that falls under public law. Whenever a governmental entity comes into play legally public law is invariably the classification, which it falls.

Persons who are confused as to what area of law applies are advised to contact a knowledgeable legal professional.


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